Retinitis Pigmentosa

Groundbreaking progress in development of treatments for stopping progression and for restoring vision are on the horizon. Collaboration with study sponsor jCyte in various stages of clinical trials on the use intravitreal progenitor stem cell injection is showing promise. Dr. Kammer works with a team of vision experts to compile and create testing that is most useful for demonstrating vision improvements in patients with field restriction, night blindness and other unique types of vision loss.


Dr. Kammer has assisted healthcare development in Tanzania for provision of vision care for patients with albinism of all ages since 2011. Albinism has a unique set of consequences that impair vision in all situations but especially for children and learning in the classroom. Dr. Kammer has developed a training program for optometrists in Tanzania and neighboring developing countries to provide low vision care and access to inexpensive low vision devices. In the process, collaborations for studying some of the unique issues of Albinism in East Africa have developed. Recently, Dr. Kammer wrote a book chapter titled “Low Vision ….”

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

As one of the primary causes of low vision in the U.S., Dr. Kammer has extensive clinical experience with AMD and uses that experience to help industry experts develop and utilize devices for enhancement or explore effectiveness of potential treatments.