Changes in practice, whether job performance, clinical practices, or teaching methods with students, require more than superficial adjustments. Deep change in practice requires learning that is transformational. Dr. Kammer has focused her own learning on what it takes to transform practice. A core ingredient to deep learning is challenging ideas, using evidence, and improving reasoning skills through critical thinking.

Learning in Education

Dr. Kammer is an associate of Flip It Consulting as she provides workshops and faculty coaching for universities interested in transformative change to an active, learning-centered environment. This change requires commitment toward a major culture shift away from lecture style curriculum to active learning (Flipped) strategies that engage students in critical thinking. Chapman University is an example of a transformative program as its School of Pharmacy collaborates with Flip It to create an active learning culture.

Learning in Business

Dr. Kammer is collaborating with Open Advance to help businesses develop into learning organizations. This transformation occurs through the design of significant learning experiences that lead to deep learning, retention of concepts and knowledge, and improved problem-solving skills. Visit Open Advance.

Learning in Christ

Join Dr. Kammer in dialogue about Flipping the learning environment in church. As of January, 2015, her husband became the senior pastor of West Cypress Church and together they explore the concepts of how to best help people learn in Christ.

Learning in Low Vision

Impacting visually impaired patients supporting independent living with enhanced quality of life is a worthwhile goal for any eyecare professional. Dr. Kammer is specifically concerned with patient access to high quality low vision care in the U.S. and in developing countries. She has collaborated with many key partners to accessible learning materials online and in-person to help optometrists and occupational therapists team together to provide effective and efficient low vision care.Formerly under the website, online modules will be undergoing development over time so check in every so often to see what’s new! Dr. Kammer also consults for low vision industry in models that advance collaborative practice. Her current project with VisionCare on the implantable telescope advances optometric roles on specialized teams with ophthalmology and occupational therapy. Visit VisionCare.