Dr. Rebecca Kammer


Dr. Kammer has two areas of expertise: Clinical care of persons with low vision or visual impairment and curriculum design in health professions doctoral programs.

Dr. Kammer’s low vision experience has come from directing an academic low vision clinic in a college of optometry, global experience in the mission field in countries with limited access to vision care, and learned experience from relationships with experts in the field. Currently, Dr. Kammer coaches other doctors in practicing low vision rehabilitation in the U.S. and globally, and also consults companies who develop innovative technology for visual impairment. Recently, she returned to clinical practice in Irvine CA to her first love of providing patient care in low vision rehabilitation on a part-time basis.

In 2014, Dr. Kammer completed a second doctorate at Azusa Pacific University in Higher Education with research focused on teaching and learning in doctoral health professions. Her final study tested a model of critical thinking development with active learning and academic engagement as the primary predictors. Outside of doing workshops at colleges across the U.S., she consults regularly for Chapman University School of Pharmacy as they they create a new program with active learning and flipped classroom.

One of Dr. Kammer’s main passions, however, is the care of persons with albinism in East Africa. She travels to remote areas to teach doctors how to provide care in their own culture and setting. She is the program director of Standing Voice Albinism and Low Vision Programme based in the U.K. but active in East Africa for persons with albinism. (See standingvoice.org for more information.)