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Whether a faculty member or a corporate trainer, ideal teaching and training environments should produce effective performance and cognitive outcomes such as critical thinking and problem-solving in each learner. Dr. Kammer is committed to helping institutions and organizations achieve excellence in teaching and training through strategic and systemic shifts in approaches.


Vision Research

It is an exciting new season of development of treatments for inherited retinal disease (IRD) and other impairing eye conditions. Clinical trials for eye disease require outcomes or endpoints that demonstrate treatment effect. Dr. Kammer uses her knowledge of clinical low vision to assist in the development and execution of testing used for visually impaired subjects in various studies. One important aspect of working with clinical trials is the training of study examiners to conduct special testing (e.g., visual function testing such as visual fields, mobility/maze testing, contrast sensitivity). Dr. Kammer blends her experience with teaching and learning to develop operating procedures and train examiners for clinical trials.



In association with Flip It Consulting, Dr. Kammer leads or co-leads workshops on teaching in the Flipped Classroom as creates transforming learning experiences. Workshops are in both undergraduate education and health professions programs with consideration to key factors influencing learning in each environment.


In collaboration with Dr. Honeycutt, Dr. Kammer held the role of faculty coach for teaching and learning for three years at Chapman University School of Pharmacy as they constructed an entire flipped classroom curriculum.


Dr. Kammer is actively working with local sponsor, jCyte, to conduct clinical trials of a new potential treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa. With a jCyte established research center, subjects in the trial undergo testing for vision function with Dr. Kammer and her trained examiners in Irvine.


With a heart for serving patients with vision impairment who have limited or no access to healthcare, Dr. Kammer primarily serves communities in East Africa through low vision services for patients with albinism. In efforts to share program models and key knowledge with other countries, Dr. Kammer has conducted small studies and has initiated a writing and speaking agenda to share this knowledge globally.

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